JH Ag Consulting uses a mix of tried and true agronomic methods with cutting edge agricultural technologies to help growers do what they do, better. By examining a grower’s historical and current operations and practices, we determine how efficiently the farm is operating, identify opportunities to reduce waste and improve management practices, provide recommendations for efficiency improvements with costs, benefits and ROI, installation, technical support, maintenance plans and education. In addition to offering boots on the ground service to growers, we have also established important relationships with service providers, manufacturers and other agronomists to provide all the services and products our growers need to meet their efficiency goals. We have developed relationships with government agencies, public utilities and certification organizations to improve our capability to provide valuable incentives and grants growers can use to finance efficiency projects. JH Ag Consulting is available to help any member of the ag community looking to have a better understanding of their irrigation system performance and those who are looking to reduce farming costs. Owner, Jacob Hernandez, is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (B.S. Soil Science), holds an active license as a Certified Crop Advisor and is a USDA/NRCS Technical Service Provider and member of PG&E’s TradePro Alliance

JH Ag Consulting preforming a Distribution Uniformity Evaluation

Common Distribution Uniformity Problems



On Farm Water and Energy Management

JH Ag Consulting offers energy, water and nutrient services to Central California vineyards, row crops and orchards. Contact us for complimentary on-farm energy and water efficiency anaylsis and get you farm on the pathway to greater profits.


On-farm energy costs can be a monthly burden to an agricultural operation. Through an on-farm energy analysis we can identify areas where improvements can lead to tremendous energy savings. We can help you find incentives and grant programs to pay for pump improvement projects. Consider going solar for even greater energy savings!


Nothing is more important to most agricultural operations than water quality and quantity. As these resource becomes more scarce, growers are challenged to remain profitable on an ever dwindling supply. We offer soil moisture sensors, weather stations, and flow measuring tools to help you optimize your water use. 

Do you know your DU? Distribution Uniformity is a measurement of how evenly water is applied to your field. The recommendations from our DU Evaluations can lead to water savings of 10% per year! 


We offer a wide variety of sampling, lab analysis and reporting to help you manage your nutrient costs and improve crop performance. 

  • Soil, irrigation water and tissue sampling and analysis

  • Lysimeter analysis

  • Water quality analysis (Geo tracker)

  • VERIS soil mapping




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